suggestion on Activity display

activity display->connections (imo) ought to be the most currently created on top.
this allows one to watch current activity in one window w/o scrolling.

speeking of presentation, it can be ordered only ascending/descending on the application. sure be nice to order any column (:CLP)

My suggestions:
Before I found CPF, I’ve used another firewall. It has Activity monitor, but there it is more usable.

  • It has a tree strcuture. Every application has its own node, that can be expanded or collapsed (default). That’s usefull when user (i.e. me) has many launched applications with many connections.
  • After connection has been closed, this f/w shows this connection some time grayed. This is usefull when an application opened connection and fastly closed it, and user (i.e. me) needs to see an IP address or web-address (host) and its traffic.
  • There is possible to jump to the application’s rules, add rules (block application, allow application, create new rule).

Some bug:

  • I’ve closed a connection (to One user) of a program (DC++) by clicking “Close” button. Some time later, the connection resumed, but I couldn’t see it in the Application Monitor.


Can you add these to the CPF wishlist.



I’ve just done it.

Denisss ::slight_smile:

Ok, thanks. It’s just the developers watch this constantly, so can see your ideas - whereas they may be missed on the forums.