Suggestion: More built-in or downloadable rules

When CPF is first run, or now, after the update, the user has to respond to a huge number of messages. This is a serious hassle, IMO (and I disable Defense+ because of this), and also potentially can cause mistakes, either disabling access to programs or, worse, okaying access to malware. CPF warns, usually multiple times, about every program on the system. With tens of programs, this quickly becomes an incredible hassle.

In previous versions of CPF I remember an option that could scan the system for known apps. I can’t find it now (is it just hard to find or is it gone?). I think there’s need for this and more:

  • Any Windows system app should already be tagged like that already.

  • If access to Explorer.exe is common, provide an option to tag this access as okay.

  • Provide a local or online database that identifies programs, and keep that up to date.

A database will likely make things a lot easier for users. Frankly, the last update was kind of the last straw, which is why I disabled Defense+. CPF is simply too intrusive. It looks to have potential, but I will not be recommending it to anyone.