Suggestion - Have CIS give some indication a scheduled scan is active

This has been an annoyance for me on more than one occasion. I’ll be using the computer, and disk/CPU usage will skyrocket, because a sceduled scan is running, and I’ve lost track of the date/time.

I have it set to run a full scan once a month, even when system is not idle (to make the scan finish quicker)

I know it shows a results window at the end of the scan, but maybe add a scan window, or even change the Comodo icon in the system tray, when a scheduled scan is running. It could help lessen/eliminate the posts that turn out to be about scheduled scans, because people can’t see what Comodo is otherwise doing, without hunting for the CIS Task Manager, which admittedly took me a few mins to find, because I’ve only ever used it once… a few years ago.

Been having issues with another app eating CPU on crash, and mistook my CIS full scan for that app, when usage skyrocketed. Such a change would make it much easier to identify a scan in progress, instead of tracking it down.

EDIT: Please move this, if suggestions go elsewhere. Thanks.

Hi jasoncollege24,
Thanks for your suggestion. I have submitted the request to our developers,they will discuss and decide about it.