Suggestion for Update Alerts

Every six hours by default, Comodo alerts me with a popup saying it has successfully updated while a mini countdown from 10 seconds or so starts. I have tried looking through settings but have yet to found anything yet. I have asked about it on this forum before and I was informed there was no way to disable such alerts. Can an option to hide these update alerts be implemented into v6.1?

I think that would be a good idea. It is kind of annoying when an update alert randomly pops up.

I think it’s a great idea. The way it is implemented right now is much too intrusive.

It keeps happening while I’m in a game and as a result I’m tabbed out and of course when I get back in I’m dead. =(

Glad to know it is not just me who is fustrated by this. Just got another pop-up a minute ago.

Good idea. I think the update alerts must not be mandatory in CIS 6.1.

I find it very annoying for the program updates.