Suggestion for security in CIS

i think for increase protection of CIS Comodo should be update the virus and malware definition when the comodo CIS detect an Internet connection and not only in the schedule check.

Like the Malwarebytes who is updating immediatly when there are a Internet connection and pc start.

With CIS all applications which are about to run in memory are automatically checked against the definitions in the cloud. Thus, essentially, regardless of the last time your virus definitions were actually updated you effectively are always using up-to-date definitions.

This video Comparatif : Avast Premier v8 Beta vs Comodo Internet Security 6 - YouTube show avast is more secure than comodo :frowning: Pc was infected with comodo :frowning: very bad… Comparatif : Avast Premier v8 Beta vs Comodo Internet Security 6 - YouTube

I noticed he was using VirtualBox for the test. I can tell you that many security programs (CIS included) will not work correctly in VirtualBox. All testers need to either use a real system or VMWare. VirtualBox does not emulate Windows well enough that all of the protection layers work correctly.

Thus, from his test I cannot tell if there is a problem or not. Also, please note that I did not watch the entire video, just enough to see that he was using VirtualBox.

Thanks for the reply.
I don’t know if the virtual box is different from real operative sistem. i think in virtual box malware and virus work as same time as comodo.

I can be on error but Avast protect the sistem in the video comodo no. If you try this on a real computer and you take a virus you cant do the video :slight_smile: for show it.

Thanks for the comment.

Interesting video.


It is. A virtual machine does its best to emulate a real machine, but the different VM applications do this to various degrees. While Virtual Box does this well enough to test out almost any type of software, it is not sufficient to test software meant to protect the system from malware. To do this many software, including CIS, must embed themselves very deeply in the system. Thus, if the virtual machine does not emulate this perfectly (as I don’t believe Virtual Box does) then it’s not a legitimate test of the security software.