Suggestion for option to speed scan and reduce Ram and CPU usage

option to add persistent catching to the antivirus setting this option can increase scan speed and system load since less files are scanned hope you guys like it and comodo integrates this option to speed up the scans

What is persistent scanning ?
Use persistent caching - if persistent caching is used and a file is verified as clean, this information will be stored in the permanent memory. This means it will not be lost after a system restart and it is also not affected by virus definition updates. Verified clean files are files which are guaranteed not to contain any virus infection e.g. some operating system files, files signed by trusted publishers, or other files covered by the whitelist. This box is checked by default; if you want all files to be scanned regardless of their trust status, this box should be unchecked.

Note : Currently Avast has this option to increase scan speeds So why not comodo ? since Comodo has a very vast database of safe files. :love:

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comodo normaly do that, but scan the files again after each database updates, and i dont think an option to avoid that is needed

yea but this would be goodfor those users who dont want their antivirus to be scanning the same safe files again and again using their system resources and this would considerably decrease the system impact and anyways if its an option then users can decide for them self what they want

moderator please move this topic to the wishlist since CIS 5.8 is already released

i can see where your coming from but files do get patched by malware just a throught though

this option checks the digital signature of the files and stores its hash and stores it this doesnt mean that any modification made to a trusted file will result in loss of security since the hash wont be the same and comodo will check for the file again to cnform whether it is safe or not

+1 :-TU
Yes, more speed, but no losses of security!!

Well if you put it like that then I’m all for it.

so my understanding of that is re-scanning the same file only occurs after a definition update and or the file has been modified in some way. if that’s correct then i’m in

CIS already does this it is called stateful real time scanning. Set it on the scanner settings tab.

Works fine on my machine.

Low cpu FAQ here.

Best wishes