Suggestion for GeekBuddy/Comodo Support Team

Hi. I’m new to Comodo, but I know my way around security problems most of the time. Anyway, I wanted to talk about something that happened while I was using Comodo Internet Security 5. I searched for the term “msstyle” as was instructed by a post on the forums, and I found a website which offered free theme downloads for Windows OS. The site was safe btw. (WOT told me so), but when I tried to use this theme for Comodo, the product wouldn’t start up (it was crashing/Not Responding). I used Geek-Buddy to ask for support which I got, the staff member accessed my computer remotely and after which, he told me that I needed to reinstall my product. I did this as instructed, but a few days later I tried on another theme (from another site), this resulted in nearly the same problem, except that it wasn’t crashing, just that the interface didn’t load correctly. I didn’t want to uninstall CIS 5, so I thought that if I removed the theme from the directory (C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\themes) while it wasn’t running that it would go back to normal. And it did, so I wanted to suggest this to staff if the same problem comes up with someone else, that they could just remove the actual file and it would work correctly the next time they started Comodo. Thanks for the consideration.