Suggestion for future firewall versions

On KAV default settings, COMODO cannot control outbound connections through some commonly used ports (HTTP, HTTPS, IMAP, POP3). When "Monitor all network ports” option in KAV is enabled, COMODO can block only avp.exe, P2P clients and programs excluded with “Do not monitor network traffic” KAV option enabled.
Scheme would be something like this:

(P2P client or exclusion)—COMODO—Internet

ZoneAlarm can intercept traffic betwen application and avp.exe and his scheme is something like this:

(P2P client or exclusion)—ZoneAlarm—Internet

Since ZA is buggy piece of code, would you, please, make COMODO Firewall be able to intercept traffic between applications and avp.exe?

P.S. Sorry for bad English.

KAV is notorious for not working with a lot of software.

Actually, proxy server is only problem with COMODO. Everything else work without problems.

Avast 5 uses the same “proxi” approach and Comodo does not detect it as a proxy. PC Tools Firewall on the other hand does.
As soon as the avast service starts redirecting web or p2p traffic PCTF will tell you that Avast Service.exe is acting as a proxy and ask you if you want to allow.
Comodo does not.

COMODO display message about avp.exe requests for Internet access, but I’m not sure wheter PCTF can intercepst trafficc between application and avp.exe like ZA.

Basically you want application control

I’m not sure what version your using, but I’ll try to wing it :wink:

  1. click on the CIS icon
    2)Click on firewall
    3)Click on “advanced”
  2. Click on Firewall behaiviour settings
  3. Click on “Create Rules for safe Application”
    Then do what you got to do

You didn’t understand. When “Monitor all network ports” in KAV is enabled, all traffic, except traffic fromP2P and trusted (in KAV settings) programs, go through avp.exe process. In that case COMODO is only able to control avp.exe, P2P and trusted programs. All I want is “Monitor all network ports” in KAV enabled and 100% Internet I/O control with COMODO. Read first post fore detailed illustration.

All I want is "Monitor all network ports" in KAV enabled and 100% Internet I/O control with COMODO. Read first post fore detailed illustration.
I think I get it now,

This site will have the tools you would like

I’d use CurrPorts