Suggestion for FP

In CIS 3.5, when I attach a suspicious file, there used to be a small space where I could mention some particulars. When I zip and send a file through email, I normally mention whether it is FP or otherwise and yes, on three or four occasions when I had to report false positive it got fixed next day itself (AFAIK), while virus would take 2-3 days.

Now, in CIS 3.8, this portion of ‘description’ is removed… With heuristics I am sure Comodo is burdened with thousands of FPs, submitted by users, which may eat into their precious time… Also, now the FPs submitted has not been fixed even after a weeks time, as Comodo could be thoroughly studying them (I guess so)

I think even if a single line is added, those who are frequest visitors of the forum with a wish to help Comodo grow top notch can just write FP (mentioning part of which program) or Virus in the subject… so that… may be it could be handled differently (as Comodo thinks fit).

Hello, the file submited with comodo’s inbuilt program takes longer time for comodo to process unfortunately…

Read that about how to submit FP’s the “speedy” way! =)


I am already aware of it and do submit files through that mode also… But, it is easier to submit FPs detected by heur through inbuilt mode… Also, it saves a lot of time as I need not zip and protect it! (especially because there are dozens of FPs flagged by CIS 3.8).

If that space is there I could have mentioned that it is a FP belonging to … program and Comodo can take its own test to clear the FPs in a speedy way… Needless to mention that this space was already available in 3.5 which now stands removed.

I posted this because I have seen some users saying goodbye just because of this FPs.

P.S. The interesting thing is… when this space was available in 3.5, I thought why are they keeping this space when they are supposed to thoroughly check all files submitted to them… but now, when we see people complaining of FPs… I wish if I had that space I could have helped Comodo (by mentioning this is FP and this could be virus etc.) little (though very very very little) bit to contain those complaints.