Suggestion for easyer processing of My Pending Files list

I know this subject can be found earlier in this thread, but this post has also, a poll added to it and it will pretty much sum up the other earlier posts, too. So here I go:

I would very much like to have the possibility to select multiple entries in My Pending Files (by means of a button or right-click menu, it doesn’t matter). A single application I’ve installed recently added a few hundred entries to the list and it is a real pain to select every single one, one at a time.

Besided as in the case stated above, many times, a whole bunch of entries found in the list DO belong to the same application, so it would be very useful and convenient if CIS would group them in some hierarchical (directory tree) manner so that one could select the top parent folder and inherently all the files that reside in it, and in its subfolders at once (usually when you deem an application to be safe you will move all its entries found in My Pending Files to My Safe Files, isn’t it?).