Suggestion for defence+ (objects to monitor against direct access)

These are all the security provided by the famous zemana - antilogger hope it gets incorporated in Defence+ as a layer of protection

SSL Logger protection: (WORLD FIRST!) 128-bit encryption reliably secures data during online shopping and high-value financial transactions. Unfortunately, a new generation of spyware grabs your data just before it becomes safely encrypted!
Zemana AntiLogger’s unique proactive protection prevents your personal information from being stolen while you are conducting online banking transactions or e-commerce using an encrypted 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Webcam Logger protection: (WORLD FIRST!) Is Big Brother watching you? Hackers and spyware can seize control of your webcam, even when it’s switched off! Needless to say, Zemana AntiLogger prevents this.

Key Logger protection: Keyloggers record whatever you type by monitoring the keyboard. This renders most security useless, but not Zemana AntiLogger!

Clipboard Logger protection: Copying, cutting and pasting sends potentially sensitive data to your Windows clipboard where malware can get at it. Fortunately, Zemana AntiLogger deals with all attempts at malicious monitoring, including memory capture

Screen Logger protection: Just as you can take a screen capture, screenlogger malware snaps the screen at your most vulnerable moments, e.g., when you are plugging in sensitive data such as bank account information with VirtualKeyboard. Zemana Anti-Screen Logger spots this suspicious activity in ways that go beyond the standard, signature-based anti-logging algorithms.

System Defense: Malware likes to get at your registry, your physical memory (RAM), and other sensitive areas so it can inject malicious code and seize control of your PC. Zemana AntiLogger guards against all this, securing the very heart of your machine

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The COM interfaces are protected by CIS. COM interfaces include clipboard monitoring and webcam. Maybe someone can explain this better than I can.
D+ also monitors the keyboard, monitor and hard disks from direct access by malware. CIS is protecting you, without the marketing jargon.

cis already protects this, but still has problems with some methods of gathering screen content.

I tried CIS against those zemana test programs. CIS kept on trusting them which was annoying, but once I got comodo to forget the programs, I got some popups such as “.exe is trying to access the keyboard directly". That’s the keylogger. ".exe is trying to access the monitor directly”. Screen capture. Clipboard reading was also blocked by CIS.

So defense+ already blocks these threats. Also, this was on a 64Bit system so defense+ is going to be made even better.

Just to note: Zemana antilogger fails its own leaktests on 64bit.

CIS should be more user friendly when giving alerts, and sort the alerts into seperate panes based on different types of behaviors.
Like if a program was trying to access the keyboard, CIS should say “possible keylogger detected” in the alert instead of being so cryptic about it “logger.exe wants to read directly from the keybaord” or whatever the alert says. Then I can go into D+ and see categories of programs that tried to access the keyboard, screen, monitor ect. CIS needs to let the user know more of what’s going on and what is being blocked or allowed by D+. Instead, D+ logs allowed alerts and blocked alerts together without specifying if it was allowed or blocked.

I think this is what CIS monitors (screenshot Below)
and there is no webcam monitor in it

recently i was notified by zemana when a malware program tried to access my webcam and zemana blocked it
where as CIS just sandboxed it but the malware program was still able to start my webcam ( it had launched my webcam and was transmitting to some random ips which could be seen in the firewall monitor option (there was however an alert about the program to allow or block internet access by the firewall) so in my opinion CIs failed to block webcam access by malcious program firewall alerted but as u all know any normal user would allow the program to access the internet causing privacy loss

anyways if CIS integrates thi option it would be usefull and i would not have to use zemana alongside CIS (zemana uses only 4-5mb RAM and 1-5% CPU)

Acer Aspire 5738Z laptop
Windows 7 X64 Ultimate
3 Gb Ram
CIS 5.5.195786.1383
Malwarebytes Antimalware
System explorer ( good for task manager replacement

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What level of restriction was the sandbox set to?

my execution settings were and are set to partially limited which is default settings