Suggestion For COMODO Firewall

I think there should be a gamer mode option for comodo firewall :). wouldnt it be nice =p

oh yes… especially when a game wants to, say access a Help file. Comodo will kill it, despite the game being “trustworthy”… many games freeze, because they don’t expect being blocked, so you have to terminate them. :o

I know it has been suggested to place CIS or CFP into Training mode when starting a game for the first time. What I’ve been doing for games I trust I just run them in Safe mode (CIS hasn’t been told they are safe yet so they are monitored). When the game is first started, CIS’s security window pops open asking me what I would like to do (ie block, allow, what?). I tell CIS to treat this game as a trusted app. (because it is a trusted piece of software I just store-purchased).
This seems to be working well for me thus far.

Training mode is game mode.
The difference is, you only have to do it once.

I only tell it the once. Never see the popup screens again and the games are running great.
Thank you.

There always seems to be a confusion for peeps with Training Mode, cause I asked this question a long time ago and Vettetech told me Training Mode was used for Games. Maybe they can just mod it to look like Training Mode (Game Mode) or just rename it something.

Hmm I think it is ok (in my opinion) Training mode works for all apps… Not just games. So i tihnk it fits.

But be sure to switch back to your previous mode immediately when done with Training Mode.