Suggestion for Comodo Firewall Pro

[b]I have a good suggestion for Comodo Firewall Pro:
IM Security which allows you to block anyone not on your contact list. When someone not on your list a message comes up for them saying:

[ Comodo Firewall alert: Your message was blocked because you are not on (Name’s) contact list ]


It’d be a little bizarre for a firewall to become an instant messaging client because it’s going beyond the scope of security :D.

Wouldn’t matter anyway, as buddy names can be spoofed

I was suggesting it because ZoneAlarm provides this protection.
And I would like to see Comodo beat ZoneAlarm, or come close, which it is doing.
Dont get me wrong, I like ZoneAlarm’s products, but Comodo is doing a great job.

No intentions to discuss which firewall is best, but have a look here. We mustn’t forget the most important and basic aspect of a firewall is security :).