Suggestion for Comodo Firewall Pro, and for the new beta version

Suggestion for Comodo Firewall Pro, and for the new beta version

Comodo Firewall Pro should protect against the Speak-N-Sploit on Vista

Trojan_5d_2 Just when you thought your computer wasn’t listening to you, it turns out Vista is listening to you, that mp3 file someone just emailed you, and even a malicious website with recorded audio.

The SANS Internet Storm Center posted this article regarding Vista and its speech/voice system. Apparently, an attacker can record Vista voice commands, save it to a file, play it back on a target system, and thereby take control of a Vista computer by means of these voice commands.

Arrigo from SANS summarizes this type of attack:

"The best picture in my mind of this attack vector is a large trading room, in the middle of the night, and one computer shouting out loud "start listening", "start", "internet explorer", "download ", etc."

Comodo Firewall Pro should alert the user if someone (or better yet, something) attempts to enable the Voice Recognition system prevent this type of attack from both known and unknown malware.

CFP v3 already has this covered :wink:

you will see (:NRD)


Thank you Melih for the reply. It is good to hear that Comodo is covering all the new Vista threats. I love your firewall and personally think it is the best out there. I can’t wait 'til Comodo Firewall Pro v3 comes out. :BNC

Keep up the good work. (:CLP)

I am also interested in helping beta test it. I currently am beta testing Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware 2007 and have also beta tested Sunbelt-Software’s CounterSpy v2.

Well, I posted this elsewhere, then found this more specific thread… SO…

I think an easily accessible button in the top menu like “User Tools” would be Great for users to add items like their own favorite Inet tools like “Whois” “Trace” “Sam Spade” or whatever would be really useful. Perhaps even accessible by right clicking the CFP icon in the tray too…


Nice feature-request, I like it! :slight_smile:

If you haven’t done it already, post it in the wishlist-thread:,6883.0.html

ditto Bluesman

[size=10pt]I did that today… hope it takes !!! ;D

I just figure that way, folks could really add a TON of goodies to CFP if they want, as there sure are enough of that type of software available for free !!! And at the same time, the crew at Comodo won’t have to mess with creating addons (unless something new, specifically for CFP)…

Have a good one !!!