Suggestion for comodo: create and keep update a Official C product removal Tool

SOMETIMES but not maybe rarely … users needs to remove comodo with a tool because the unistall did not successfull total removal and there are issue on re-install comodo.

Comodo should relase a tool for remove fully the Comodo Internet Security!

Unofficial tool are not very a good suggestion, are not updated… you should have an official removal tool maybe also integrated in the comodo setup so user can have a great experience on remove and maybe reinstall comodo.

I have tried to remove comodo with all tool of this world but was unable to re-install on my PC because was not fully removed and the comodo setup fails or has done with irremediable issues.

My solution was turn back my Machine on the time.

Please comodo, consider to create a removal tool and increase power of the setup … give to them the possibility to scan for residues of old or previous install and remove it if is necessary so the new install can have success.

The latest ‘unofficial tool’ is the one provided and used by Comodo Geekbuddy. That’s a official as it gets at the moment.

Just thinking out loud. This type of tools is best used in Windows Safe Mode and ran with admin rights (use right click → Run as administrator).

I support this idea, batch file can be made as well if someone knows all files,folders,drivers and registry keys that Comodo creates during installation.

This is a priority imho