Suggestion for Comodo blocking Apache remotely

Hey there,

I have found out why Comodo may be blocking your Apache server from remote access.

Go to Network Control Rules, and at the bottom there’s a red check that blocks IPs.

I don’t find it particularly useful, unless I should restore that setting. If you delete that setting, your IP will be remotely accessible.

Any comments regarding whether that setting is important let me know. This would be a temporary fix until it is permanently fixed in Comodo


edit : Title changed from “Fix” to “Suggestion” - Ewen

The last block rule is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL.

Without this rule, you may as well turn the firewall off, as this is the rule that blocks everything that does not meet the criteria of the ALLOW rules that appear above it in the list.

Ewen :slight_smile:


ewen is totally right.

check logs what is blocked, most likely you need a inbound tcp rule for that specific port.


If you are running an Apache server and need to allow remote access In to the server, you have to create Network Monitor rules to allow that to the specific ports your server is listening on. CFP uses layered security, so just because you allow the Application in Application Monitor, doesn’t mean it is able to communicate (ie, actually pass traffic to/from). You can read more about that (and a whole lot more) in this thread:,6167.0.html