suggestion for a new software which needs attention

Hello there, I have a suggestion for software to be made,

We seem to be lacking much good software in the surveillance area for cameras

I know there are good software’s out there but all lack either features or stability and performance

2 examples of the ones I bought and found the best but each lack features the other has.

Active webcam from

H264 Webcam from

Now I mean both are excellent software’s but they both need the same features built into them

Like active webcam… This software is very stable… It has self protection incase it crashes etc … and has decent cpu usage but it lacks h264 recording which makes each record of 2 hour or so end up being 200mb+ or more and it lacks a special camera cycle that h264 webcam has that you can run on any cheap dvr card at 2fps and you wont miss a thing of up to 4 cameras, you will have to use it to see what I mean ( currently most dvr software’s record all cameras at once which is not good since you need a really expensive card to catch everything)

Now as for h264 webcam,

Now as for this software I emailed the devs soo many times on how to fix there software and they are like fail when it comes to listening on how to improve the program…
There program seems to have stability problems which it can crash very easy… It has no service… even (always up) doesn’t help, no self protection what so ever, sometimes crashes the computer and has bad driver support even for the bt series capture cards doesn’t even see all the cameras, but the best thing about this software is the low disk space required … 2 hour recordings are just 70mb… Compared to active webcam… And high quality too…
But it doesn’t auto delete when disk is full for some strange reason.

So I was wondering would it be possible for comodo to develop good dvr security software that can combine those 2 programs and make it superior by any chance. Doesn’t matter if it’s paid software or free, I know you guys make very good software, would it be possible by any chance to do it?

I know there are some open source stuff for linux like zonemender I tried and it was bad… It was all pictures… And killed the folder, but in the end I like windows mostly.