[Suggestion] Flush allowed/denied but not remembered actions

I have a suggestion that I would like to see in a future version of Comodo Firewall.

Currently, if you run a new program and it asks to connect to the internet (e.g. port 53 and port 80), you can choose to allow it and not remember this action.

However, this means that the program is allowed to connect to those ports forever until the program is closed.

My suggestion is that we should have the ability (button, etc.) to flush decisions that we chose to not be remembered.

Typical scenario: My virtual machine accesses the internet through a program called vmnat.exe which cannot be shutdown without restarting the computer. I allow it access to a port, but never switch off my computer (I only hibernate it). When I start another virtual machine, it will immediately have access to the allowed ports since it accesses the internet through vmnat.exe.

I would therefore like to have the ability to flush my previous decision to allow, so that Comodo Firewall again asks me whether to allow/deny the connection.

Typical implementation: Hide the button in a place where only an advanced user will find it, so that we do not have a problem with computer illiterate people pressing random buttons and then complaining that they get too many popups from Comodo Firewall.

Thank you.

I’d like the suggestion, a “purge” button.

This sounds like the same request.