Suggestion:File Location

Nothing irks me more than getting notified that I have a suspicious file, or a malicious file, or whatever it may be, and rather than actually being able to show me what the file is, Comodo just shows me C:[random path].… This makes it INCREDIBLY hard to determine what I am analyzing, whether I should agree with Comodo, whether I should ignore the threat… It’s all contingent upon what the file is, and where it is, and without access to screens that properly notify the user, this is impossible. Please make it possible to at least see the full path on mouseover, if not allowing a “click here to expand.”

Yea i know what you mean but this needs to be moved to the wishlist. Hopefully the devs will put this in a update!

If you hold your mouse over the path name it does give you the entire path. At least for the AV alerts it does.

I guess I am just incompetant? Couldn’t manage to get it to work earlier, and now as your say Chiron, mouseover does appear to be showing the full path >.< Just ignore me XD