[Suggestion] Enter Password ONCE only


After enabling the Parental Control (=Password Protection) Option in CPF,
I was shocked and very annoyed :o that I have to enter the password
each and every time I click on an item under Firewall or Defense+.

Such an annoyance.

IHMO it would be heaps better If one would only have to enter the password
once when displaying the main window.

Please change the password behaviour, or make it at least configurable
(choose between “ask when displaying main GUI only” or “ask when clicking on every sub-item”)

ATM, the password protection is sooooo useless (because annoying) to me :‘( :’( :cry:
And I guess there must be others who also feel like that as well ? Who’s with me :smiley: ?

Don’t get me wrong, I like CPF, but this nagging password behaviour is a STRANGE design decision.

Best regards,

I agree.

Yes but how many time a day or week do you have to open up the GUI and go to D+. I havent had to in about a month on both my pc’s. (R)

I have more than one account on this desktop. Two other people go on so every time I go on I check the logs and network/computer policies to see if anything was added. It gets pretty annoying.

This has been previously suggested and added to the wishlist. Like your idea of optionally choose between “ask when displaying main GUI only” or “ask when clicking on every sub-item”.

Can you please add this to the firewall wishlist.

Ewen :slight_smile:

yep i understand, it must be very annoying if u have to enter your password each time u want to access something, should be better if u have to enter your password once, but if u have to enter it each time like that, i imagine it’s more than bored. i never used the password protection on comodo but if i have to enter it 50 times, i think i’ll not use it till some option allow the password till u turn off your system or log off or reboot it.

I just wanted to add myself here.

It would be even more useful if the parental controls only applied to certain users.

After you enter the password uncheck the box for password protection, then recheck when you’re done.