Suggestion: change icon when CIS is doing a job read why in this discussion.

Hi, i am an user that love Comodo.
Yesterday when i opened a website my computer fan speed was increasing doing some noise.

Today the same noise was preset without be in any website so I checked Windows 10 task manager and found that Comodo was using 90 % of the CPU of my new and powerful PC.

Now seems CPU use after some time come back to normal.
I suppose CIS was performing some update or something… but if you do not alert the user seems CIS software are bugged or have issues.

Also GekBuddy was unable to help me and chat was not helpful.
I suggest to change maybe color icon of Comodo (in the taskbar) when CIS is performing an update or a scan or add a simbol, something that let user understand is a normal temporary work caused from CIS.

Agree, specially when updating AV or running scheduled scan.