Suggestion - CAV 6.1


My suggestion to version 6.1 :-La:

  1. Add a shortcut icon in the main window for quick entry into the program settings.
  2. Add an option in the settings to get a quick reset to default settings (such as after a fresh install).
  3. Allow install without widget. For me it needs a function.

As for your #1, you can add the Advanced Settings link to the CIS task bar. Right click the link and select Add to Task Bar.

Well for point 2 you could make a poll. :-La
For point 3 however I don’t see the problem since you can easily disable it. But this is just my opinion, you could make poll even for this if you want.

Regards RealNature,

  1. L.A.R. Grizzly already pointed out it’s already a feature.
  2. Can’t you do that by activating one of the three default configurations?
  3. As RealNature said, you can already disable the Widget.