suggestion Be postponed version cis7 to the 2015

hi all

Proposal postpone the cis 7 to 2015 and cis 6.3 upgrade to cis 6.4

Each time the company Comodo rush to issue version and be filled with bugs and especially properties that has been added to a new “viruscope, filterweb” the piece will be the possibility of bugs double

As you know that “viruscope” is now to some extent unstable and you need to work much to become effective

Say what? LOL! :o :o :o :o :o

Well like it or not it comes down to Comodo staff call in the end… 88)

Edit: While I agree that CIS 7 testers need more time to test for bugs and make suggestions reg improvements. I suspect that Comodo will update the new version regularly with fixes/new things anyway once it gets released.

That’s like an automaker releasing a car with only three wheels and having the customer return under warranty to get the last wheel!

Comodo might have a second RC. We can only hope.

Anyways compared to v6, v7 seems more stable… Using it no issues yet… As far as VC and WebFilter is concerned, they are unending modules… If what u say is to mature them then v7 will never be released… Hope u get what I mean…

Oh well LOL! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

I agree they cannot be ‘fully mature’ (in the sense of all desirable features implemented) before launch, but in the case of Viruscope, there is a risk of loss of user data with VC reversals, and this does need addressing.

So a fix for this, and some other important bugs, and another RC to test it is very important in my view. Should add about a couple of weeks not a year though :slight_smile:

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Do you think there will be a second RC mouse?

But vc will have a negative effect because it will show many false alerts

Any tests and reported apps wrongly getting detected by VC for now ?

Thanks for the link.