Suggestion: Allow signed Programs on Safe List outside Sandbox


I noticed that starting SPORE: Galactic Adventures (Patch 5.0.1) I received an “Elevation Alert” (SporeApp.exe request unlimited access to your computer). Even though there is no UAC alert displayed.

The file is already on the “Trusted Files List” and also configured in defense+ as “Trusted Application”. The only way to get rid of the Alert is to add the EA certificate to Trusted Providers but I do not want that.

For unsigned executables it is enough to add the file to “Trusted Files”. There even is a checkbox for that in the alert. I would like that to also work for signed executables.

EDIT: another observation: Even though the file is already on the “Trusted Files” list. After starting it, it still comes back on the “Unrecognized Files” list.

using CIS 5.0 & Sandbox=on (Limited) & Win7 x64 & UAC=on

EDIT: sorry, wrong subforum, I meant to post under Wishlist