[Suggestion] Add Indicator of D+ Mode

Well, (only for testing purposes) I have Installed the Firewall without Defense+
(I selected only Firewall without leak protection in the installer).

I find it confusing that there is no obvious visual indiaction that D+ is disabled.

It would be nice to make it nocticable at first sight that D+ is disabled.
For example, the D+ GUI could be “greyed out”, A message like
“Defence+ is disabled” together with an “Enable Defense+” Button could be displayed
in the D+ Window.

That would make things much clearer.

And while we’re at it It should also be indicated if D+ is in “optimum protection”
or “network protection” (=Leakproof Firewall) mode.

So we would have three status messages in the D+ main window:

  1. Defense+ is enabled and in Optimum Protecton mode
  2. Defense+ is enabled and in Network Protection mode
  3. Defense+ is currently disabled.

As I said, the way it is now without any information being displayed is quite
confusing. ???

Best regards.

Good suggestions

Better if you post it in the Wishlist

if i allow a prog in defense+, it means i allow it to run on the system but if the prog wants to access the internet, even if it’s allowed in defense+, the FW alerts me if the prog want to access the network.
maybe it’s cause of my settings but if u disable defense+ or not so u need 2 types of messages.
FW and defense+ activated
FW activated / defense+ disabled