Suggestion about a couple of comodo's products

first of all for the specs and programs i already have:

windows xp sp2
-avast pro edition
-regular scans with spybot search and destroy and adaware
-spyware blaster
-winpatrol plus
-windows firewall (the one that comes with all computers)

so i was wondering, do u guys think i need boclean or/and comodo firewall? would you guys suggest them? how much does each of the programs slow down the comp? do they consume a lot of resources?


I would definitely replace the Windows XP built in firewall with Comodo’s firewall (or pretty much any bi-directional firewall). The WinXP firewall only checks inbound data. Anything transmitted from your PC is assumed to be trusted.

BOClean is not intended to replace any of your existing security software. Rather, it is designed to run alongside your existing software.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Yes yes :slight_smile: Use both, and feel secure :slight_smile:

The programs doesn’t slow down my computer at all, not that I noticed, and they don’t use much resources here. I just install them and forget them, they run fine here in the background.

Yes both are fine programs so use them. But I’m waiting untill the next release for BOclean, have some updating problems right now. For the rest it’s a fine product.
Comodo firewall is super great. I tried other product as ZoneAlarm, Outpost and even Kaspersky Internet Security. But Comodo (and NOD32) will remain on my computer.

About the resources it’s using 29 MB right now, that’s fine with me.

if u know abt firewall leaktest then u should know how important a good firewall is.
n if u know abt dat, chek out da result, comodo always score best (R)(pass all tests) n windows firewall always score worst ( fail all - 0) :'(.
actually windows firewall is useless, once u instal a real firewall, jus turn it off.

besides comodo firewall, i havent tried any other comodo products coz im quite satisfied wit wat i haf now.

and ye, wen comodo firewall version 3 out, it include full hips so u dun need winpatrol anymore, meaning u can get bak ur resources for FREE and save ur money. :BNC

my laptop NEC XP SP2, M 1.86ghz, 512MB ram stil fast.

jus try it (B)
dun look down on ur security.