Suggest Downloads Default to Stable Version of AV

First of all, many thanks for Comodo AV and Firewall. I’m not a tech, but am an experienced user who spends a lot of time configuring (and cleaning up!) PCs for family, friends, and my wife’s office. I have bought 5 or 10-user licenses for ZoneAlarm SS the last several years. I recently encountered a frustrating situation where Lightscribe would not work and finally discovered that the Kaspersky AV engine in ZA 7x interfered with it. Switched to Comodo Firewall and AV 1.1.6 and all was well! In general, I think it is so long ZA and hello Comodo!!

I have now successfully installed Firewall Pro and AV v. 1 on a number of PCs. What I found out last night is that your web site now offers the download of AV Beta 2 by default. If you noodle around enough, you can find the stable release, but a new user wanting to try it out would not come across it naturally. I switched one of my test computers from v.1 to v.2 and it didn’t go well – it stumbles on file submission of large files. My point is that a beta version is not a good introduction for a new user who is unaquainted with Comodo, and this type of experience might turn such a person away. So I suggest that you return to offering the latest v.1 as default and give an option for the beta for those who are more experienced and adventurous.

Also, a suggestion for v.2: If there is a way to turn off file submission by default, I didn’t find it. It would be good to be able to do this.


Hi Paul and welcome,

Both CAVS v.1 and 2 are both beta. CAVS has had significant beta testing and the decision was made to release on the website last week as it was deemd far stable than beta 1. Also, CAVS v.2 is far better than 1 in terms of detection and prevention of maleware.

You can report any bugs on the forums you may encounter under the bug report topic in the CAVS beta corner.

To disable file submission go to settings>hips application control>uncheck automatically submit files qued for submission.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the quick reply and for pointing out a setting I missed. I didn’t realize all was beta. This raises the question of whether Comodo will always be beta or if there will be final releases. No cause for complaint of course, since all is free including the support. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling that the product promises to be so good that I would not mind paying a reasonable fee for it in final form.

Best, and thanks again,

Hi Paul,

CAVS will be released as a stable final release in a few weeks. It will remain free for life, the same as the firewall and some of Comodo’s other products.

Also, on the 16th April CFP 3 should released for beta testing. So there’s something else to look forward to. CFP 3 is also free!