sugeeestion of improvment to game mode

just read a topic about game mode that is when its active it wont be bother you with popups. I have small suggestion to that. if you have game mode active i should be nice if you could chance the icon of comodo into blue (the same color that it’s show when you double click on comodo and its interface when its active in game mode) so you know its in game mode. Don’t know if had been suggested before on the forum? just a small thing to improve to next version meaby. I hope you get my point in this messy post:P

This topic and its similarities have been discussed ad nauseam:;msg253926#msg253926

I seriously doubt that anything like this will ever be implemented.

it was that threat i was reading when i made this thread. I could be something for the comodo to look into and a small improvement to do the game mode better. But if they won’t implanted that on the next version its no big deal, but would be nice if they did.