Suddenly started giving constant alerts...

Hello everyone, I have a problem. I’ve searched for a solution, and have only found general complaints about the number of alerts that CIS gives.

Let me start by saying that I have been keeping my Defense+ setting to “Safe Mode.” I didn’t have any problems with it until this morning. It sometimes gave alerts for some new programs it didn’t recognize, but it didn’t go overboard. Suddenly, it warned me that my Avast anti-virus was trying to create a temp file somewhere. Fearing a possible infection, I blocked the request. Now Defense+ alerts me on every single action I take… launching Firefox, opening Notepad, even opening Control Panel! What could be causing this? I had to set my Defense+ down to “Clean PC” just to get rid of these continual alerts. Could it be some sort of infection? It seems like Defense+ is no longer recognizing any trusted applications. Is it an error in the CIS package? Has anyone else encountered this? What should I do about it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah weird.

Everything has been working fine. I have been running only comodo firewall and avast AV with zero issues for some time now. I go take a shower this morning, come back into my computer area, and there is a comodo alert. I allow it. I then start doing things, things I would normally do all the time with no issues, like opening firefox.

Its gone now. Just happened like 30 min ago. Should I be worried?

Perhaps CIS recognizes trusted applications thru some sort of Internet server, and that server is down?

Same here!

Same issue here. I booted normally today, when I launched starcraft 2 I started getting alerts for everything (this is at least 4 hours after boot), even things I already have in my trusted applications list, or set to ‘always’ allow or deny for an application… Maybe there was a silent update or something? I’m running avg, and since the OP is using avast, I doubt it’s A/V related.
I’m using the free firewall and AVG free as well as peer block with HTTP block enabled, windows 7 64 bit.

Is the problem still happening as of today?

Can you all check if the Trusted Software Vendors list is there?

Hi Eric,

I still had this problem until I reinstalled CIS 3 hours ago. Now I have the full list again.

I guess “everything” was a bit of an exaggeration. I got alerts for many things already trusted (some I manually added to trusted list myself), even setpoint for my logitech mouse on reboot.
Once I allowed everything again, haven’t had the problem again. Pretty odd.
Does comodo do silent updates and was there one? I don’t get why people had the same issue the same day, when I didn’t install any updates for anything that day…

The answer is here:;msg465702#msg465702