Suddenly Red Circle On Shield?

Hello: This has happened on atleast on other occassion within a week!
I look on the Comodo shield in the taskbar one minute and it is fine, the next minute it has
a Red Circle on it with a red line going thru it, (like it is stopped). I click on open and everything looks ok!
What could be causing this and how to prevent it from happening again? Thanks PS: the Red Circle is on it now!

That indicates trouble with the firewall part of CIS, can you run Diagnostics on the Misc page and see if it finds anything ?

What version of CIS are you using ? and what’s the version of your OS ?

Try to restart CIS . So you need Exit from it first and then Run it ) and everything becomes OK.

ok, I ran Diagnostic and it stated everything is ok, I have CIS 311
So then I did the second suggestion, i exited and restarted and it corrected itself.
So its back to normal for now, but I think I exited and restarted this yesterday for the same reason
So I will see if it comes back and let you know if it does! Thanks

Can you please check the windows eventlog and see if it recorded any errors ?

I checked the Event logs and everything seems to be ok! Thanks