Suddenly I realized CIS firewall not work for me any more.

I just realized Comodo firewall is not working on my laptop based on Win7 X64, but some days before it worked. :o

Pls see below picture. No inbound and outbound connections, no more traffics, no animation for the icon in the tray.

I checked my process list, but not found any different as yesterday.

Any help will be great appreciate!

PS: I’m trying to re-install the CIS, and will report back again.


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maybe start your browser and check this again.

It seems CIS firewall has been bypassed.

I removed CIS and re-installed it again, but nothing changed still bypass.



Hi atom,

Are you running any other security software next to CIS?

Can you check your “network and sharing center”, change adapter settings, select, adapter → properties and see if the “Service Comodo Internet Security Firewall Driver” is present and active?

If not try to add it using install and point it to C:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security\inspect.inf

Hi Ronny,

Appreciate for your wonderful and great idea to avoid waisting hours to reinstall whole OS.

After shutdown the Comodo Firewall Driver and re-install it a few times, and the CIS diagnose, the CIS Firewall returned back.

Thanks again!!!


No prob, glad i could save some time, and reinstalling the OS must me really the very very last resort…
Good to hear you got it fixed :-TU