Suddenly I lost Dragon..

I am having the following problem. All of the sudden I lost Dragon from my computer.
A few residues are visible in the screenshot. I don’t know what to do furthermore.

My actions were to completely uninstall Comodo products using Revo uninstaller
(also deleting traces in the registry). Nevertheless the file was not completely
deleted and imaging residues remained (screenshot). I then installed the program
without checking if there were really no traces remained because I trusted the
uninstallation app will do its job. Finally, during step by step installation, there
was a message that the program was already installed.

What can I do, to be able to install Dragon again?

I would restart Windows. If it doesn’t show in Revo Uninstaller, then check to see if it is listed under Windows add or remove programs. If not listed, you could try another uninstaller. You could try to see if it will install after restarting Windows. If it comes down to it, you may have to delete the comodo dragon folder but that would be the last option. It is strange to have all of those files after uninstalling, it seems that the program was corrupt to begin with.