Suddenly AirPlayit has stopped working


Up until a yesterday ive had no issues in using Airplayit on an ipad with my pc. Airplayit being a film/music server.

Yesterday it just stopped working. When i disable Comodo it works fine, so i’m assuming an update has changed something.

Ive followed Airplayits advice and added the relevant executable as trushworthy within Comodo(this usually does the trick) and still no cigar?

I’ve also noticed the incoming/outgoing connections info screen isn’t moving! even though i have Vuze doing active downloads??!!! could this be related?

I tried an uninstall/install twice…just in case! no joy.

Any help you can offer would be appreciated…as i’m relegated to using zonealarm in the interim;)

What version of CIS are you using? Please notice CIS does not automatically update its program binaries.

Can you show a screenshot of the firewall logs? That may help to narrow down the problem. They are under Firewall → View Firewall Events.

Hi, i attempted to install premium 64bit today…and i started getting the prompts again, so i allowed access to airplayit…works fine!

sorry! must have been user error! thanks for your response though!