Suddenly, A Host of Issues!! :-( Please Help...

Hi All!

I have been using Comodo Firewall for many months without any issues, was on version 3. A couple of days ago, Windows XP Pro decided it didn’t “see” that I had a firewall any more, and kept nagging me to do something about it. I could see Comodo WAS running, and couldn’t figure out why Windows was suddenly being stupid. :frowning: I did NOT turn on Windows Firewall, though, I know better.
Then yesterday, more weirdness. Comodo was acting like it had forgotten every rule, kept hitting on EVERYTHING like I had just installed it for the first time. Talk about annoying! >:(
I did some Googling and realized Comodo now had CIS that was a combo Firewall and Antivirus (I was using AVG) and thought maybe that would fix the issues. So I installed CIS and got rid of AVG. At first, I thought it did. Windows “sees” both programs. Most of my major programs had already hit me for rules by this time, although I’m not sure that it carried over from the Firewall 3. But now I have a new problem. After I installed CIS, my wireless network printer no longer shows up on this PC, although the printer and the router both say it’s there and available. When I try to connect to its IP address, it tells me I either typed it in wrong or the printer is not connected to the network. It IS. I am quite frustrated, to say the least!
Unless somebody here knows what is going on, I think I should just get rid of the whole thing and start over, but want to make sure I get rid of ALL the settings and rules so it will start from scratch. Best way to do that would be appreciated if nobody knows what is going on…
Sorry for such a LONG 1st post!! TIA

Do you have any block entries in Firewall log?