Sudden new behavior from Comodo Firewall

I have been using Comodo Firewall for at least a couple years, very successfully.

Today, I started getting a bunch of popups about Comodo scanning my system and reporting on possible threats. This has never happened before - I use the firewall function only, no antivirus or system security functions.

I think that my Firewall code must have been updated recently for this change to happen. It is reporting version 5.10.228257.2253.

I don’t want this new behavior, and I didn’t knowingly ask for it to be installed! How do I configure Comodo to only be the firewall I’ve enjoyed for the last two years and no other functions?


Can you provide an example or two of the alerts you’re seeing please. Screenshots would be ideal.

Had to wait until it happened again. Two screen shots attached.

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That is actually normal behaviour since I think the first release of v5.

The firewall checks applications also in the cloud when they try to access the internet and reports applications that are blacklisted. Egemen stated that in a post but I do not know which one.

As for the geekbuddy window, maybe ticking “Do not show this again” disables the geekbuddy popup completely but I am not sure. Might be nice to add a feature to turn that window of in the future. But the Cloud Scanner Alert is definitely worth having, as it is always suspicious when a security application believes that another process could possibly do harm to your computer, even if it is only your firewall who says so.

Edit: Just found it:

Cloud Based Infrastructure:
2011 family of products(Yes COMODO Firewall too!) are now armed with cloud based file rating technologies. The cloud computation, enabled by default, is used for a variety of purposes.(Do not be surprized if COMODO Firewall gives you a malware alert!!!).;msg434418#msg434418

Thank you for the reply.

If this feature has been there for a year and a half, it’s bizarre that I am just now getting any alerts from it.

The note you provided below says that the cloud computation in the firewall is enabled by default. If I want to turn it off, where is the switch? I looked, but didn’t find it.

Thanks again.

No the new geekbuddy alerts were introduced in CIS 5.8. As for the cloud alerts, they are a part of defense +. First make sure your in firewall security configuration by right clicking on the tray icon and selecting configuration. Then to disable defense + go to the defense + settings and select deactive defense + permanently. This will require a reboot.

If you want to keep Defense+ and just remove the cloud alerts only, just untick the same as screenshot in Defense+ / Defense+ Settings.


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Thank you!