Sudden appearance of high and medium severity events

Hi there,
I’ve had a read through all the posts here but cant seem to find the answer to my problem, so here goes:

Recently I’ve been getting a big heap of high and medium severity events, on my laptop, my brother’s PC and an old laptop (that was last updated about a year ago).
The two newer PC’s have recently been asking about SVChost in Comodo Firewall too.
A lot of the events say they are fragmented packets, with things such as SYN ACK and SYN appearing.
I even brought my laptop into uni and used the uni internet connection, with the same events happening.
I’ve run Spybot and an AVG scan and nothing’s popped up.

The annoying thing is that it seems to be clogging up my connection, because I only have dial-up, so I can’t even surf the net. I’m doing this on our Mac at the moment (it seems to be unaffected).

What’s going on!? There seems to be no spyware/viruses, it seems to be nothing to do with our connection, and I can’t make it go away!

Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.


Do the following 3 steps as shown as the picture.
Uncheck the box.
It won’t be dangerous for your pc’s. :wink:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Cheers, all seems to be okay so far now.

So what caused this? Why was I sending fragmented IP packets…?

From time to time, rooters are sending fragmented packages. Because of this, the option you turned off, is basicly turned off. :wink:


Regarding the alerts about svchost.exe, this is likely due to the most recent Windows updates. They really did a lot of changes, and have caused a lot of commotion as it makes CFP give a lot of alerts that users would not otherwise ever see.

Without svchost.exe being allowed (usually with parent application of services.exe), you won’t be able to establish an internet connection.

And as far as your Mac not being affected, well no, it wouldn’t be… It’s a Mac; they don’t have these types of problems (in general). :wink:


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