:embarassed: how do I cancel my subscription to Comodo Internet Security Premium?

CIS Premium is a free program.

Are you looking to cancel subscription of a paid version?

:embarassed: Sorry my comp has been out of service for a while and I have just logged on to see if my question was answered.
In answer to your question. I believe it is a paid subscription, I seem to remember that $39 was debited from my Visa account last year, (Cannot remember exactly when) presumably to renew.

I believe you might have gotten Comodo Internet Security Complete, not premium. But I don’t know the answer to your question about how to cancel it.

First :-La

You have a account - go there Comodo Member Login - Comodo Members | Comodo?

Next klick on the Comodo Security Solutions - its on the right side.

you will be asked for you user name & password.

After that you will be OK -

you will see all you subscription :-TU and you manage all of them also canceling :-TU

Its look like that below

Logged in successfully
User Details

Account Details
First Name:
Contact Address:
Enabled Services:
Antispam Gateway

Sign Up to Comodo Network Center
Sign Up to Affiliate System
Sign Up to LogInPro
Sign Up to Comodo System Utilities
Sign Up to DNSCOM
Sign Up to TrustConnect
Sign Up to Comodo Internet Security
Sign Up to Comodo Online Storage
Sign Up to Endpoint Security Manager
Sign Up to livePCsupport
Sign Up to Comodo Membership
Sign Up to Comodo Web Application Firewall
User Details
Change Password
Change Contact Information
Change Email Address
Credit Cards Management
Subscription History
Request parent user
Antispam Gateway Admin Site

Last Ten Orders:
Order Number
Payment type
Order State
Web Inspector Free Access Fee [2012-06-23/2013-06-23]
Sat, 23 Jun 2012 01:32:45 +0100 Credit Card $ Processed
​i 1153364-1
Comodo Antispam Gateway Free Access Fee [2012-06-22/2013-06-22]
Fri, 22 Jun 2012 11:19:26 +0100 Credit Card $ Processed
2 Found

[b]*** or you contackt Geek Budy - is the technical assistant , GB will help you , all payd CIS have Geek Budy included & is free of charge to use :-TU

You have it in CIS manu.[/b]

:slight_smile: Thank you.