Subscription ID numer

I have had Comodo since april 9,2010, downloaded it for free. Forgot my scription id number. The free trail end, so I downloaded another one, Comodo Internet Secuirty Free. It downloaded just fine, ran virsus scan, said I had 6 virsuses. Cleaned them out or so I thought. contected with pclivesupport for help. They said that they could not help me, unless I had my Subscription Id number! Then they said that I had to purchase one. Why? I did not have to do this before! and according to the program I downloaded I have a lifetime License. What do I do now?

The free version of CIS comes with a 30 day trial for Comodo LivePCSupport.

This is a service where they will fix any issues you are having remotely. I’ve never used it so I can’t provide any more details about that, but it is CIS that comes with the lifetime license. LivePCSupport is just bundled with it.

I think if you want to use it you probably need to fill out the form here:
but I’m not sure. Just be sure to cancel the service before the 30 days is up or I think you’ll end up paying for it.

You don’t have to use LivePCSupport if you don’t want. Hope this helps.