Submitting Suspicious Files - No End Result [Resolved]

I have a few false positive files on my machine. I’ve submitted them through the Submit Suspicious Files category within the CIS GUI. CIS reports that the files I’ve submitted have already been submitted. Why haven’t they been added to the Database as accepted files? I’ve checked these files with CIMA and VirusTotal and they have cleared the scans. I submitted these files back in December. I would expect them to be included by now. Any ideas why they are still picked up as having viruses?

I believe that the reason is because millions and billions of users have CIS install’d and probably 60% + Has the same situation, or near it… with “Pending Files” etc…

So my guess is that millions of files being submitted to Comodo, it takes a while :slight_smile:


OK! I was thinking something was messed up. I’ll be patient. I just added them to my exclusion list for now. I’ll check them periodically. Thanx!

Your Welcome