Submitting My Pending Files

I have submitted four files by clicking the Submit button. I got the message “Successfully Submitted”
My Question is, how and when will I know the results of the submissions?

Also, after they have been analysed, will the files be deleted from the “My Pending Files” window or do I have to do it manually?


when , not neven melih answered that Question becuase it depenes on several factors ,

how , select them all and press on ( look up ) it will check their status then ,

for the third part , yes theoretically it should remove them from the sandbox , however , for me i submitted a lot of files and it seems there is no change in the look up status " still unknown " ,

so as for me , because this system of clouding thing , is not ( yet ) working perfectly I deselect the automatic submission just for sake of avoiding the looking up time to achieve a faster start up for the applications