Submitting files to be whitelisted seems to have no effect

I have some programs that after every new installation of CIS or application list update get sandboxed and limited. Every time I submit them to Comodo via Defense+ GUY, but thre seems to be no change. Specially one program is a specila one and can’t be freely downloaded from the net, so I can’t provide yhe download link in the “submit thread” here.
Do you really check these submissions and how fast?

If it is not malicious you could attach it to a post or offer to send a download link by pm.

Otherwise next time you reinstall CIS be sure to save the trusted.db from the database and put it back after installing (before rebooting).

What email-address should I use? Gmail smtp is tricky it does not accept executables or password-protected packages. I must use another web-mail service. Otherwise Gmail’s policy is good and adds security.