Submitting files behind a proxy


I’m trying (have a few times now) to submit a file but have been unsucessfull :(. Just wanted to know whether this works being behind a company proxy. Btw, proxy settings in place which allows the virus DB to be updated so the connection “should” be fine. Anyone else in a similar situation? Attached is a screenshot showing the error.


Edit: OS is Vista SP1 if that helps.

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Hi Graham1,

I’ve just make a packet capture of the “submit” traffic and i can tell you it does not use a proxy.
They are using FTP over TCP port 219 port to “submit” these files… then it goes PASV passive mode.

So I’m afraid “corporate” users behind a proxy/firewall are not able to “submit” files this way…

As this is apparently by design i think we should post a “wish” to fix this…

Hi Ronny

Thanks for confirming :). I would have checked myself but I couldn’t get to the “Active Connections” list in CIS to check (focus was fixed on the submit dialog box) ;D. Yes, I will add this to the wish list (unless you have done already).


No i haven’t please go ahead :slight_smile: