submitted files

hi all
I am new to Comodo, this is my first post and the first time I have submitted unrecognized files.

My questions are ;

  1. will I be advised if these files are OK?
  2. how long will it take to get the advice?
  3. what do I do with the files in the mean time?
  4. if I don’t get an advice about the files how do I check if they are OK and how long should I wait to recheck them?

many thanks for your help and congrats on what looks to be a very helpful forum (:CLP)

Welcome to the forum, i will try to answer your questions

  1. not directly, if the files are malicious they will be added to the av signatures and they will be detected and quarantined once the sigs are released. If the files are safe comodo will add them to the cloud whitelist and the next time u access the files they will be automatically added to your trusted files list.

  2. that depends on where you submitted the files. If you submitted them through the forum Then they are analyzed fairly quickly if u submitted them through the program then it can take a while.

  3. u can leave them in the unrecognized files list or u can add them to the trusted files list if u know they r safe

  4. u can submit the file for whitelisting and the team will tell u if the file is safe or not

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: i will recheck them again. I guess the best avenue is to submit them to the forum. I did think about doing that but thought if everyone did that you would be swamped with submissions.

No problem. Yes submitting through forum is the best and it does cause a lot of traffic. Let us know if you have anymore questions.