Submitted files list

Hi Melih,

As I was submitting some files I noticed that some of them disappeared during the submit process without being transfered. Does this mean that they are already at the safelist database on the server?

If this is true, I think that a creation of a third list (Submitted files list) on the server would be really usefull. For explaining better during the submit process the firewall or thge antivirus could check if a file is already submitted by another user. If it is already in the 3rd list database it will be checked as already submitted; if not it will be uploaded normally.

This will save time and bandwith and both Comodo and Users will benifite. And it will make the users more willing to submit all the unknown files. :wink:

There are still some kinks that we are trying to iron out… :frowning:



in CAVS before a file is submitted it is checked against two things on COMODO safe server in sequence:

  1. File is safe:
    If this check results that file is safe, it’s added to local safe database else
  2. If file is uploaded by some other user and is waiting to be analysed:
    If we find that file is already under analysis, we don’t upload that and file is removed from list, which is not quite intuitive, we should show some status as “already available under analysis” or “found safe on server, info added to local safe database”.

So in our next update for file submission application we will try to improve on this.

So we do have things in place to avoid duplicate uploads.


Hi guys,

and thanks for the explanations. Nice to see that a feature like this is already there.

But I can assure you that even though you already implemented this, for some reason it does not work as it should. I have uploaded at least 5 times the same 2000 files. (I have used a backup image of my c: partition instead of uninstalling CAVS to be sure that no modification of the files took place)

Maybe it is a problem with the server or with my client. ???