Submitted files - list is empty

I don’t know if it is a bug or something other…
Last week I’ve reinstalled my windows 7 because of a possible, but undetectable malware infection. But instead of previously used full CIS, I just installed Comodo Firewall and BitDefender free as virus scanner. As I see, everything is working, except the list of submitted files. I’ve submitted many unknown files, but the list in File Ratings → Submitted Files remained empty. When I try to submit again, I get a message about these files are already submitted.

Bonus question :wink: : Is here anybody who knows, why the most of new cygwin executables are unknown for CIS? The older versions (about one or two years ago) worked without any problems, but now… (I’ve submitted many of these files at the beginning of this year but there is no reaction :frowning: )

O.K., I see…
When I try to send an unrecognized file, which has been submitted previously by someone, I get the message it’s already submitted without putting it to the list of submitted files.
But… I don’t understand something… I’m the only one who use both CIS and Cygwin on the same machine? Because when I submitted many cygwin executables, they were put on that list… (together with some Dell drivers)

As long Comodo does not whitelist the Cygwin executables you will have to manually make them trusted.

To get programs whitelisted it is best to do it in Submit Applications Here To Be Whitelisted - 2015.