Submitted files in Quarantine

Hello. I have 11 files in Quarantine. All have been submitted so presumably they are all on either the Comodo Black List or White List. Is it OK for me to delete the files from Quarantine now? Thank you.

If you are sure that you will not need the files (as it’s possible some may actually be false positives) you may delete them. However, note that files in quarantine are not a threat. They cannot do any damage to your computer whatsoever.

Thanks. I was sure that 7 of the 11 quarantined files were not a threat and I restored them. There were 4 that I am not sure about. I submitted them for an opinion some time ago and I re-scanned, clicking the box to shut down the computer after the scan if no problem is found. The computer did shut down so i thought that njothing would be in quarantine but the four files are still there. They all start c:\System Volume Information_restore{42DFDE5D-5C95-45EF-A139-0E79F8065B4A8}\RP1372\ and then they continue
A0158265.exe and

Any suggestion about how to treat these, please? Thank you.

These sound like files which were backed up through system restore. What are they detected as by CIS?

Two are Suspicious@… and two are Malware@…

At this point, as it’s been a while since your first post, if everything seems fine I would just leave them sitting in quarantine.

OK. Thanks for the advice.