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i’ve just remember this thing.
after i installed CAV, it quarantined a file named: Digstream.exe (found in program files folder) as "not a virus :…(i forgot the rest of it). i don’t know what Digstream is, and i don’t know how did i get it.why CAV quarantined it as ‘not a virus’? i’ve submitted the file to comodo. until now, i haven’t got any answers bout it. is the file dangerous? and if it’s not , how can i get it back?

Take a look here:

digstream.exe is a process that comes from the ESPN website. This is a non-essential process. Disabling or enabling it is down to user preference. … - 184k -

Read good and if you have question please ask

A previous mention:

If it turns out the file is not dangerous you can click on Quarantine, highlight the file there and then click on restore and CAVS will put the file back where it found it. See attached screenshot.


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Check to see if there is an uninstall file associated with this in add/remove programs first - if there is use that first.

You should be able to remove the folder but keep it in your recycle bin for a while whilst you check everything works properly before you finally delete it. Then make sure you run a good registry cleaner - the one on CCleaner is good if you are unsure about such cleaners.