Submit to Comodo in Alert Window

Wishes a button to submit suspicious files and flase positives to Comodo for review.
For example with an ability to add a comment.
So it would be possible to directly send those files without using Miscellanous.


See my suggestion here;msg258010#msg258010


I agree that a “submit to comodo” button in the alert window would be useful. This suggestion has been proposed before, but it is now buried among the numerous posts.

See here for a pic showing a suggested alert window with the “submit to comodo” option included.

These have also been suggested: Adding a submit button to Quarantine (see this topic) and to the Antivirus detection window (see this post).

It appears that there will soon be a website through which you can submit files (see here).

These are all good ideas IMHO.

this is one I really do support…

but as said posted earlier, hopefully they add it…

I also vote for this feature to be implemented.

Seems to me like this topic gets overlooked, while it hints at a valuable feature. Should make it sticky, or at least include a poll. There’s definitely a need for a submit button in the alert window. Plus, this submit button should be included in all pending files list, including My own safe files.