Submit suspicious files

I have some 20 files in my quarantined folder, detected by CIS from various USBs (I took them so that I wanted to submit them to Comodo). But, unfortunately, I am not able to submit these files either from the inbuildt ‘submit’ button of Quarantine nor through submit suspicious files under miscellaneous. I always get ‘submission error’ messages.

Out of the files, I am particularly interested in sending some 8-10 files, which are detected as ‘heur’, so that Comodo can build the database. I don’t want to send those which are detected with the name like trojan downloader or unclassified malware. But, those detected as heur may mean some addition to CIS’s databse

The folder is also not accessible when I try to submit it through the web interface of Comodo. Quarantine folder AFAIK is protected except through navigation from CIS. There there any other thing I can do to submit them? I can’t see any ‘restore as’ option, wherein I CAN restore it in a sandboxie, zip it and send to Comodo.

Any suggestions?

Hello layman,

In the case you described, please try to go to the Quarantined Items window and restore the files. After that disable CIS, then create an archive with the files you want to send and link it to your post on the forum.
After you finish this operation, you may enable CIS again.

Thank you.
Sonia Botezatu.

Okay, I was able to submit some 4-5 samples using this through web interface. (Similar looked samples with same properties were omitted - I have kept them in quarantine, once these are added and if others are not detected, I shall send them).

However, I could not restore the following files from quarantine as CIS give an error report of path not found (or similar).


I hope Comodo can somehow get samples of these also.