"Submit suspicious files" function does not work properly

Dear All,

on tab Miscellaneous there is an option for user to submit suspicious files for further analysis. If I log-in an account with admin privileg, it works just fine, no problem at all. But if I am under restricted user account, this function becomes very buggy. When I click on it, either nothing happens, or sometimes later (apprx 5 til 10 minute), the file submission windows appears. If it does not appear at all, then I would have to terminate the process cfpsbmit.exe when I want to log-out or shut down windows.
Does anyone experience things like this? What can i do to fix this? I dont want to log-out and log-in as admin each time i like to submit a file. I am using cfp, win xp sp2.

Thanks in advance

additional comment:
I forgot to mention that even when the file submission windows appears, it does not work. Please see attached screenshot.

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Seems to be a “bug” but not P1 (not critical), Hope it gets fixed in future builds as it does not happen to everyone

Other then that everything else is working OK?


Hi Josh,
thank you for asking. Since I am a newbie, it too early to say that everything else is working ok. I installed CFP 2 days ago and until now, everything on the GUI seems to work smoothly, except the bug I reported above and, if I may add one comment for consideration of the developer team, CFP is making a little drawback on the system resource. In this respect, it is better than most others products, this is one reason why I decided to try CFP and I believe that this is also important for many CFP users. But what I mean to say is please keep an eye on system performance issue of CFP for future release.
In the next days, I have to work through the user guide. There are so many things which I stil do not understand, e.g. why do certain predefined security policies for some standard applications like web-browser, ftp etc. sometimes disappear? and re-appear again after sometimes? Does it happen everytime I changed the security levels?
However, thank you again for helping.

If you make Firefox and Internet Explorer a web browser it shouldnt disappear. Or are you saying that when you get a pop up for the firewall the web browser selection isnt there? Or are you talking about the D+ alert. Also you said CFP 2.0. Did you mean 3.0?

Sorry, I found out it was my mistake to mix up the predefined firewall policy and predefined security policy. In the security policy, of course I cannot find any policy for web browser or ftp.

Which Security Policy? There is the Network Security Policy which deals with the firewall and there is the Computer Security Policy which deals with the D+. In D+ you do not get a predefined selection for web browser. Only in the firewall.

thanks for the explanation. Coming back to the topic, do we have a bug reporting procedure? The above reported one, even not critical, should be fixed somewhere along the way. Should I report it by e-mail?